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Instant Poll on:
close-up of Fuegagata
Votes this Volume: 0
Babe Factor Rating: 4.00

Vote for: Fuegagata | Others

Why Was Fuegagata Voted Off?

Lacked Endurance

Lacked Focus

Made Enemies

Victim Of Circumstance

Clueless Behaviour

Had NO Grit!

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BattleBabe of the Volume:
Magmama photo
Votes this Volume: 1
Babe Factor Rating: 8.40

Vote for: Magmama | Others
Babe Factor Leaders:
Prettiest Face:
Magmama 8.0 factoring 1 Votes
Best Hair:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Physique:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Powers:
Magmama 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
Most BabeALicious:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Most Original:
Frioella 8.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Costume:
Scarlet Viper 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
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