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BattleBabe of the Volume:
Magmama photo
Votes this Volume: 1
Babe Factor Rating: 8.40

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Babe Factor Leaders:
Prettiest Face:
Magmama 8.0 factoring 1 Votes
Best Hair:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Physique:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Powers:
Magmama 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
Most BabeALicious:
Frioella 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Most Original:
Frioella 8.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Costume:
Scarlet Viper 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
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:: Frioella :. Safe! : BattleBabes Volume 1 .

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Photo Credit: Edward C Ganges
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Congratulations, Frioella fans!
Twenty Three year old Spacetime Manipulation battlebabe and Kryandor, Kryptos native Frioella continues to impress the BattleBabe Councel with her latest maneuvers.

As seen below, Frioella maintains a positive 'Babe Factor' rating, has Zero web votes and Zero comments so far in the forums.

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    Watch Frioella and the other aspiring battlebabes compete for prizes including a chance to save the shattered universe and the title of Alpha Female™ each week on Battle Babes - Sundays at 9 P.M. (est) on your local network station.
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    Scarlet Viper
    Sex Appeal (noun) The quality of being attractive in a sexual way. a.k.a.: Attractiveness. The ability to incite a feeling of strong sexual desire in others.
    Frioella has a 10.0 Babe Factor rating for her Sex Appeal and is ranked in 1st place for the season.
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    Frioella's Bio:
    Full Name: Frioella
    Age: 23
    Speciality: Spacetime Manipulation
    Home Town: Kryandor, Kryptos
    Ethnicity: European
    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Green
    Elimination Order: 0
    About: From the icy planet of Kryptos, Ella was the daughter of the most powerful lord on the planet, but was unfortunately secretly despised by her cheating stepmother and her father's greedy assistant. When her stepmother siezed the moment to kill her father, only her manifestation of a very rare spacetime EDGE saved her life - and transferred her into the hands of the BattleBabes.

    Polls and Frioella's Poll Results:

    Why is Frioella Still Gritting It Out?

    High Endurance

    Strong Will Power

    The Right Body

    The Right Mind

    Extremely Lucky

    Cont Has NO Grit!

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    Our Last Words on Frioella:
    Safe for another vote, Frioella maintains an overall positive rating and is the subject of 0 posts in our Comments Forum.

    Frioella is still in the Reality TV running, so congratulations Frioella on your ongoing moments of fame in the Battle Babes - Volume 1 Reality TV spotlight!

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